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Specialising in construction, real estate and product photography, our talented team of photographers capture engaging content that draws attention to your products and services on social media and web.

Real Estate Dusk Photography


Want to capture your home in all its glory and catch the eye of a prospective buyer? It’s all about the presentation and highlighting the property's best features. Our real estate teams are trained in doing just that! With years' of experience, it’s instinct for our team to walk into a home and know what the camera needs to see to show your house in the best light.


Our content creation team focuses on producing personal, tailored posts and stories that are meaningful and compelling. With the right visuals and copy, we bring storytelling across our clients' platforms. We create impactful content that connects to our clients' target audiences, grabs their attention and yields real business results. 

Social Media Content Creators
Construction Photography


Experienced in construction photography, all our staff are construction White Card inducted and majority have trade background. Capturing all stages of construction, renovations and completed projects, we can document the progress and development of your builds from domestic, commercial to industrial sites.


Give your product the photo it deserves! Our skilled team can make your product come to life with ingenuity and creativity. Our lighting controlled and spacious fully equipped studio allows us to produce attractive photos of your products. From plain backgrounds to creatively styled propped sets, you can showcase your products at its best.

Product Photography Folktale
Drone Photography LAD Social


Sometimes you need a different perspective, from above! Our premium drone equipment allows us to do that with either images for property, surveying or 3D imagery from virtually any angle. With our drones registered and our CASA operator accredited team, we can professionally and legally produce your 4K aerial photography.


Covering all sizes from small events to international expositions, our professional team of photographers and editors are experienced and capable of providing high quality images to your requirements. We have the flexibility and capacity to deliver all edited images in a timely matter, effectively meeting all deadlines.

LAD Social Event Photography at BEEF21.jpg
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