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We specialize in capturing the magic of every moment, ensuring your special occasions are immortalized in stunning imagery. From glamorous balls to corporate functions, heartfelt fundraisers to electrifying concerts, our experienced team is dedicated to preserving the essence and energy of your events. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, we go beyond simply taking pictures to craft a visual narrative that reflects the uniqueness and significance of each occasion. Trust LAD Social to deliver professional photography that encapsulates the spirit of your events, leaving you with cherished memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Have us capture your corporate, gala or community event



Embark on a journey of glamour and sophistication as LAD Social expertly captures the essence of your ball event. From the stunning ballrooms to the enchanting dance floors, we specialize in immortalizing every timeless moment. With meticulous attention to detail and a knack for creative storytelling, our team ensures that each twirl and laughter-filled moment is flawlessly preserved, allowing you to relive these cherished memories for years to come. Trust LAD Social to encapsulate the true essence of your ball event in stunning imagery that truly shines. 



Illuminate the spirit of giving at your fundraisers with LAD Social's comprehensive event photography services. We understand the importance of capturing the heartfelt moments and inspiring gestures that define your fundraising efforts. Through a sensitive approach and creative storytelling, our team ensures that the passion and purpose behind your fundraiser shine through in every image captured. Whether it's heartfelt speeches, generous donations, or touching moments of connection, we skilfully preserve the essence of your fundraiser, evoking empathy and inspiring continued support. Trust LAD Social to document your fundraiser in a such a manner that honours its impact and fosters ongoing community engagement.  


Step into the heart of the concert experience with our expert concert photography services. We specialize in capturing the electrifying energy and dynamic atmosphere of live music events. Our skilled team of photographers is trained to anticipate and seize those fleeting moments that define the concert experience, ensuring that every beat, every movement, and every emotion is vividly preserved in our imagery. From the pulsating stages to the enthusiastic crowds, we strive to capture the essence of the concert in every shot. 



Step into the spotlight and let LAD Social illuminate the brilliance of your shows with LAD Social. Whether it's a theatrical production, a fashion show, or an artistic performance, we specialize in capturing the creativity and spectacle of live entertainment. Our team's keen eye for detail and ability to anticipate key moments ensure that every aspect of your show is beautifully documented, from dazzling costumes to captivating performances. With our team behind the lens, you can trust us to deliver stunning imagery that captures the essence and excitement of your show, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and participants alike. 

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